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    Your business premises are the very foundation from which you operate and run your organisation, whatever industry you’re in. Ensuring that it meets all the required standards of safety regulations is a crucial element that every business owner needs to bear in mind – both for the people that work for you as well as the customers that frequent your property. Regular inspections, maintenance and repairs of any electrical faults will ensure that you remain in the clear with building inspectors and safety regulations and will give you peace of mind that everything in your store is working as it should be.



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      As with anything electronic, occasionally things malfunction, stop working or need to be maintained or upgraded. Calling upon a commercial electrician who is familiar with regulation standards and can quickly identify potential problem areas which need improvement or correction can save you a great deal of money and time. Down-time due to negligence or not arranging scheduled maintenance can cost your business a whole lot more than ensuring that everything is in order before anything goes wrong, which is why we encourage our clients to get a commercial electrician in for routine maintenance of their electrical systems. Neglecting a provided maintenance or servicing schedule could have catastrophic consequences for the safety of your premises.


      During a routine inspection, Cramond Electrical’s team of commercial electricians will test all electrical outlets and plug covers in operation, to ensure that there’s no overloading present which may result in power outages or damage to electronics. We will also check your distribution board. To do this, we utilise state of the art infrared scanners to help us detect faults or problems which may not be immediately obvious or apparent to the naked eye.

      Our team of electricians are expertly trained, and each has extensive practical experience from years of being in the industry and working with commercial clients. We service a large range of businesses throughout the Auckland area and have a proven track record of efficiency and client satisfaction for small and large projects that we’ve been involved with. Our goal is to give our clients absolute peace of mind in the knowledge that all their electrical systems are operating flawlessly and are up to council standards, thanks to our team of dedicated electrical professionals.

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