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    Just like your car, your washing machine and your home computer – without proper care and frequent maintenance, your home’s electrical systems will begin to degrade and eventually break down. Looking after your home’s electrical system is important as it’s something that is in full use almost 24 hours a day and if not tended to correctly, can cause damage and even death.



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      Electrical Maintenance


      Wires, switches, transformers and other parts will eventually reach the end of their lifespan or suffer damage through wear and tear or accidents. These types of problems tend to start small and are often not even noticed at first, but if they’re not identified and corrected in time, can result in very costly repair work or unexpected damages later on. Electrical maintenance is vital to ensure that everything continues to function as it should and to identify and correct any problems that may have arisen since the last inspection or maintenance service. Electrical faults due to improper maintenance can become incredibly costly, but with proper maintenance, budgeting for this won’t need to be a concern.

      If you haven’t had your home’s electrical system checked out in a while or if you’ve recently bought a new property and want to ensure that everything is in working order, getting a professional electrical inspection and maintenance is essential for absolute peace of mind. Our electricians all have many years of experience in all aspects of electrical maintenance and repairs and are registered with the Electrical Workers Registration Board to provide you with the most skilled and professional service possible. We utilise infra-red scanners to check all of your electrical elements through walls and physical encasings so that no unnecessary physical changes need to be made unless we’ve identified a specific problem. Because of our accreditation, you can rely on the information we provide you and know that it won’t let you down.

      In addition to offering residential electrical repairs and maintenance, Cramond Electrical also offers a range of other electrical maintenance services in and around Auckland. These include maintenance of factory machines, office lighting, distribution boards and electric motors as well as the general inspection and servicing of commercial building electrical systems.

      Contact us today to arrange an inspection at your home or to have your house’s electrical faults corrected – we strive for nothing but excellence in our work and customer satisfaction.

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      Greg has 27+yrs experience on the field