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    Why You Should Hire Professional Electricians For Home Renovations

    Home renovations can be a fun D.I.Y project if the tasks are within your capabilities. But while electrical wiring may appear to be simple from the outside, and something you think you can handle, it most definitely isn’t! Without proper training, electrical work can be very dangerous and even life-threatening. You should always hire fully trained professionals to handle the electrical aspects of your renovation project. If the prospect of being electrocuted doesn’t shock you into hiring the professionals, read through these other convincing reasons to see why you should.

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    Get A Professional Electrician To Check Your Emergency Lighting

    Your business premises might have all the lighting and electrical outputs you need for your employees to carry out their work, and for your customers to complete their transactions. But are you looking after them just as well with your emergency lighting? This critical safety feature is your responsibility but as a North Shore electrician specialising in emergency lighting, we can help you manage that big responsibility. There is a lot of technical detail to take care of, and just as much as stake when it comes to protecting everyone using your premises, so it’s vitally important that you work with experts in the field.

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    The Ultimate Checklist To Ensure Your Electrician Performs Comprehensive Electrical Maintenance

    Regular electrical maintenance will save you money in the long term, and it can even save property and lives. To ensure your electrician performs a thorough electrical maintenance check in your house or office space, it’s important to know the process they follow. When hiring electrical professionals, ensure they go through a full checklist that includes all of the following:

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    Reducing Your Energy Bill This Winter

    As residential and commercial electricians in Northshore, we often find ourselves met with concerned customers at the end of summer, worried about the exorbitant bills on their way due to winter. High energy bills are usually more synonymous with cooler months. With cold drafts coming in, the family tends to seek warmth and end up overusing heating appliances. And that’s completely understandable, but there are manageable ways to reduce your energy consumption this winter without banning heaters from your home. With the season fast approaching, now is an ideal time to start preparing to insulate your home effectively without compromising on the heat and ensuring you aren’t met with an expensive bill at the end of winter. 

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