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    Designing your new home is an exciting but challenging process. You have some ideas in mind of what you want and how you want it to look, but the finer details of the how, where and why probably fall beyond your field of expertise. Just as it’s important to get a professional contractor to build your home, consulting an electrical expert is essential to create the home of your dreams – down to the last detail. While many people associate electrical work with wiring plug points and light fixtures, our team of electricians can offer a far broader range of specialised advice to enhance your home in ways you may not even have thought of.



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      Formulating the best electrical solutions for your home is a creative and imaginative process just as much as it is a practical one. With our years of experience in consulting and setting up electrical solutions for various clients, we see each project as a creative problem-solving exercise, with the end goal being to not only satisfy our clients’ expectations but to far exceed them. At the onset, we’ll take the time to discuss your ideas and goals for each part of your home, to determine how you intend to use your living space, where you want to place electronics, lighting, speakers, charging points and any other electrical elements. Through this process, we’ll gain an understanding of your vision and combine it with our professional skills and knowledge to offer you the most practical solutions for every part of your home.

      At Cramond Electrical, we want to ensure that you have a pleasant overall experience throughout the planning and construction phase, all the way through to completion and beyond. We want things to be as stress-free and simple as possible, which is why we’ll communicate all the technical details to the other building teams to keep the lines of communication clean and streamlined so that everyone is on the same page and working towards the exact same goal. You’ll be updated throughout the process and we’ll contact you to arrange a time for an on-site visit as we complete phases. We won’t proceed unless you explicitly sign off on it, and we will only install what you’ve agreed to, where and when you agreed to it.

      Let us take the complicated parts out of creating your dream home. Contact us for a consultation today.

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