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    The right lighting is instrumental in creating an inviting home environment. It’s what helps you to wind down at night and get up every morning. The wrong lighting placed in the wrong area can create a dull or overly stimulating environment.

    If you’re looking at repairing or replacing your existing lighting system, or want to renovate your living or work space and give it a better aesthetic and ambience, LED lighting is an excellent and affordable solution.



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      LED lights have several benefits that traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights cannot match. For example, they’re significantly more energy efficient and can last several times longer than regular incandescent light bulbs. This means that even if you have them switched on for longer that they won’t increase your energy consumption. They’re also much smaller, which opens up a world of creative opportunity for lighting which was never possible before. Now you can easily align strips of LED lights under your kitchen counters, in your hallways, or around narrow spaces. While LED lighting works effectively in the home, they are also perfect for office lighting as well as in corporate environments. With dozens of versatile presentation options available *including LED downlights and dimming functionalities), you can be confident that you’ll be able to set the amount of light to the exact level of brightness that you desire.

      Unlike traditional lights, LED lights are instantly at their brightest when turned on, and immediately turn off completely when switched off. They’re also much safer, as they barely emit any heat, which means less risk of combustion if anything had to go wrong. If you’re thinking of lighting up your back patio or garden, strings of fairy light LEDs make for an easy and beautiful decorative element. With the versatility of these small lights, you can create focal points in your home or give any room a ‘feel’ that suits the style of the interior – all without adding clutter or additional heat or taxing your electricity bill come month end.

      At Cramond Electrical, we have a range of LED lighting products available and are always happy to assist with advice and suggestions to make your living or workspace light up, both literally and figuratively. Contact us to arrange a consultation if you’re in the Auckland area to see what we can do to transform your space.

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