Like any business owner and manager, you’re constantly looking at ways to increase productivity and morale at your workplace. But have you considered a commercial LED light upgrade as a very effective way of achieving that? You might think it’s a far fetched idea but as experts in light upgrades, we know there is some very real scientific evidence behind the theory.

The human body uses light to regulate our circadian rhythm. The different hues of lighting can trigger various physiological effects; some might make us drowsy, while others might make us more active. For example, if a traditional light is used in a workplace, the dim orange/red glow coming from it can compel the body to produce melatonin, which is a hormone that helps us sleep. This is obviously not good when it comes to productivity! On the other hand, a cool white LED light is the most similar to natural daylight. This lighting can help employees fight fatigue as their working day continues and keep them alert and energized.

The temperature inside your workplace can also affect productivity. Most of the energy generated by old-fashioned lights is actually heat – up to 95%! The light energy component is tiny in comparison. In a large space lit by traditional lighting, and where lots of bulbs are required, all that heat is definitely going to be felt, or the air conditioning units are going to have to work overtime to keep everyone cool. Either way, you come out on the wrong side of the equation. Higher temperatures can cause dehydration and heat exhaustion, and can also lead to a loss of concentration and irritability, which greatly hampers productivity. The term “hot and bothered” can definitely be applied here. In contrast, LED lighting has a much lower heat emission, which creates a far cooler work environment. In these more comfortable conditions, your employees will feel much happier and energetic.

Let’s not forget that LED lighting, because it is so much more energy-efficient than conventional lighting, is cheaper to run. Lower energy bills will add serious dollars to your bottom line, so you as an employer will be as happy as your newly-comfortable employees!

A commercial LED light upgrade makes sense for so many reasons. It creates a nicer space, and happier employees. Plus, with the money you save, it will put a smile on your face as well. If you agree with us that the benefits are well worth the investment, get in touch and we’ll start planning your upgrade immediately.