Reducing Your Energy Bill This Winter

As residential and commercial electricians in Northshore, we often find ourselves met with concerned customers at the end of summer, worried about the exorbitant bills on their way due to winter. High energy bills are usually more synonymous with cooler months. With cold drafts coming in, the family tends to seek warmth and end up overusing heating appliances. And that’s completely understandable, but there are manageable ways to reduce your energy consumption this winter without banning heaters from your home. With the season fast approaching, now is an ideal time to start preparing to insulate your home effectively without compromising on the heat and ensuring you aren’t met with an expensive bill at the end of winter. 

There are several reasonable and practical solutions that you can implement almost immediately that will make the most impact.  These are some of the ways you can save on your energy bill this winter. 

Call Out A Professional 

Although it may seem like an unnecessary cost, calling out an electrician to assess your current energy consumption can alert you to potential problem areas. We can evaluate how compliant your home is with regards to regulations, properly evaluate malfunctions to reduce the possibilities of electrical damage and help improve your system for energy efficiency. Problems that go unchecked can become costly over time and instead of spending more in the future, you can alleviate the expense now by speaking to a professional. 

Eliminate The Moisture 

Homeowners hardly ever think about the moisture build-up in their homes until they start to see mould or mildew breakouts. But moisture lurks in the air, making your appliances work harder to create heat which results in higher costs. Simply opening up windows during the drier part of the day and ensure there is no condensation after cooking or showering by wiping down surfaces and windows. These easy to implement hacks can be useful in energy reduction over time. 

Use Your Dryer Less In Winter 

Although dryers can be extremely handy to have with cold weather, they also consume large amounts of energy. This convenient appliance can also be the only way for most homeowners to dry their washed laundry if they live in complexes or apartments, but purchasing a clothing rail for air drying can be just as effective and takes up minimal space. 

Switch Off Unused Appliances

Perhaps, the easiest solution to high energy bills is switching off unused appliances. And even though it can seem like a tedious exercise, to walk around turning off televisions, printers, computers and such, you are likely to notice the impact quite quickly. If you’re going away for the weekend, switch off and unplug all your appliances to save money but also reduce the risk of a potential electrical problem. 

Many homeowners assume that energy reduction is a costly and timely affair that requires you to spend more than you save. Some think that you need to replace all your appliances or install expensive renovations. However, this is quite inaccurate as not every home needs energy-efficient appliances to make a significant difference to bills at the end of winter. Speak to us at Cramond Electrical for expert advice and professional workmanship from our trusted team of electricians in the Northshore today.