LED light upgrades are a big part of our service offering. We’ve become specialists in the field, and because of that, we’re well placed to tell you of the benefits of LED lighting over regular lighting. Check out a few of the facts and figures on LED lights and you’ll see why we recommend them to you so highly.

  • LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent and incandescent lights as well as other forms of traditional lighting.
  • 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light, and only 5% is wasted as heat. In stark comparison, fluorescent lights are incredibly inefficient: they convert 95% of energy to heat and just 5% into light!
  • LED lights draw a lot less power than traditional lighting. As an example, a typical 84 watt fluorescent can be replaced by a 36 watt LED which will provide the same level of light.
  • LED Lights can last up to six times longer than other types of lights, which means you’ll replace them far less often. With a longer life span, there are lower carbon emissions, while fewer resources are needed for manufacturing, packaging and transportation.
  • LEDs boast far better light distribution. They can focus light in one direction in comparison to traditional lighting which wastes energy by emitting light in all directions and illuminating areas where light isn’t required e.g. the ceiling. Because of this, less LED lights are required to achieve the same level of brightness given off by fluorescents and incandescent lights. This reduces energy consumption, which is a big advantage in these more environmentally-conscious times.
  •  LED lights contain no toxic elements. Compare this to fluorescent strip lights which contain highly noxious chemicals that will contaminate the environment when disposed of in landfill waste.

The facts and figures we’ve just given you tell a great story about LED lights, and why you should invest in an upgrade. But there’s one other benefit to tell you about. When you contact us and ask us to install your LED lights, you’ll notice how good they look. Compared to traditional lighting, they’re a very stylish way to light up your home or commercial space. An upgrade to LED is worth it in every respect!