The Ultimate Checklist To Ensure Your Electrician Performs Comprehensive Electrical Maintenance

Regular electrical maintenance will save you money in the long term, and it can even save property and lives. To ensure your electrician performs a thorough electrical maintenance check in your house or office space, it’s important to know the process they follow. When hiring electrical professionals, ensure they go through a full checklist that includes all of the following:

Important Primary Checks 

First and foremost, your electrician should do a primary check of the electrical service and distribution within your residential, industrial or commercial space. This primary check includes voltage regulators, metering and breaker panels, to transformers and grounding and overcurrent protection. Following on from that, motor controls, switches, switch gears, wiring distribution and terminations, as well as Arc Fault Circuit Breakers and Ground Fault Circuit Breakers should also be checked properly.

Secondary Checks Are A Must

Once the primary checks have been completed, and issues resolved if required, your electrician should then proceed onto their secondary checks. These include lighting and light fixtures such as lamp and ballast replacement, fluorescent lighting, HID lighting, track lighting, security lighting and recessed lighting. All of these lighting elements are essential inclusions on any electrical maintenance checklist. If applicable to your home or commercial premises, ask your electrician to check the parking lot, motion and emergency lighting. Motion sensors, photocells and timers can cause electrical hazards if not maintained properly so they need to be checked as well.

Round It Off With Tertiary Checks  

Comprehensive electrical maintenance should also include smaller checks which you might not even be aware of. However, a reputable electrical professional will be sure to assess tertiary items. These relate primarily to special systems within the property and include, but are not limited to, alarms and motion detection systems, telecommunications systems, voice/data/video systems, UPS systems testing, standby generators, whole-building surge protection and battery power systems.

Why It’s Important 

With this ultimate checklist, you can ensure that your electrician will perform comprehensive electrical maintenance. This will keep your electrical systems running for longer and prevent any costly hazards or incidents from occurring. Your electrician will also be able to uncover issues and make repairs before the problem becomes even bigger. Most importantly, regular maintenance will protect people living or working in the property.

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